How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

This section talks about how to categorize the most popular online gambling sites out there.

This type of content can’t be put in just one SEO keyword category because this is a very diverse field with multiple different niches running all over the place.

A/B testing vs Best practices in search engine optimisation (SEO) content, e.g., biconceptualization and article marketing, crawlers vs content-based ranking factors does not yield encouraging results.

But for simple categorization, it works:

Pete Babiase, research director at Global Gaming Market Intelligence estimated that casinos have unveiled more than $1bn worth of new games annually from 2006-2017

And as they enter the market, they’re using marketing language that relies on hype words and trendy details (e.g., “crowds without borders” or “free-to-win gaming.”)

Whether it is the player’s point of view or that of an online casino, this methodology can be applied to other bots created by different companies or individual who want their bot in a particular category.

For gambler

– Type of gambling online games covered: list of available games as well as categorization by themes and/or topics

– Standard games, Online slot machines and Cash out time for transactions

– Bet size limits for slots and gambling equipment on sale

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Gossip and Gambling has been among one of the fastest growing industries online and it has made an impact on all levels of the society. Affiliate Marketing is a practice of motivating and incentivizing customers with rewards for sharing their personal data like names, email addresses, and purchasing behavior.

Affiliates market products by everything from selling workout gear to promoting toothpaste. Because the model works, it puts pressure on individuals to sell a disproportional level of product compared to what they standardly need- which can be highly problematic. Affiliate marketing becomes a bank: The more products you sell, the more financial reward you’ll get in returns if used correctly

The most popular forms on gambling sites can be classified into three distinct types – Daily Fantasy Sports Formats (DFS), Commercial Advertising-Backed Solutions (ABS) Reside primarily in Online Media space while Other Sites (OTS) are out & out predatory To dive within deeper

How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

Introduction: What is Online Gambling?

What is Online Gambling?, Types of online gambling, game categories

Online gambling has evolved significantly over the years. New titles, websites, and games have introduced new features in order to keep creating a wonderland for gamblers. This helps to generate excitement and profit in ways which are difficult to find in traditional casinos.

In Las Vegas today, slot machines occupy close to half of the available gaming space while blackjack tables represent less than 1%. In discussing best practices on a slot machine there one major takeaway; slot machines must offer the best return to their players while maintaining consistency with the true odds at time stakes.

Rarely do you hear the industry talk about compulsive or problem gamblers whereas other predatory industries like tickets endorse scarcity-which further entices players making it harder for those that need help. The current rise in gaming popularity would make sense when you look at how it impacts society as a whole on taxes and social services from addiction treatment report financial repercussions ranging from over

What is Online Gambling?-Part1

Introduction: What is Online Gambling?-Part2

Introduction: When and where can you gamble online?-Part1

Introduction: When and where can you gamble online?-part2

Introduction: Why start gambling when it has the ability to turn your life upside–down?

Introduction: How reputable of an industry is the internet gambling industry?-Part1

Introduction: How reputable of an industry is the internet gambling industry?-part2

Online gambling is typically performed via sites or applications like social media, mobile or desktop apps on any possible internet-connected device. However, people can also gamble through a range of other venues such as casinos, pubs and lottery machines. Gambling on the internet traditionally involves stakes of money and chances of winning something in return, but these can also be prize pools that are not related to financial wagering

This introduction introduces e-gaming online and defines online gambling, including organized gaming defined by the gaming controller laws.

An introduction is usually less than 800 words. It contains information that is necessary to explain a concept more clearly.

How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites by Category

Different casino sites have their own styles and atmospheres, which we can divide into broad categories. Among these types of categories, there are so many different terms and words through which people classify them.

Many of the top US casinos feature free spins that are released automatically when you land on a corresponding symbol three times in a row on any of the pay-lines in game. Yet it is also up to you to start the process or complete it further by getting 3 crowns in line party poker online casinos have 7-reels video slots with over 400 different video gambling games.

Casino sites including casinosolie, and linqcasino give access to all the games present at different casinos such as MGM Casino with traditional poker and bingo games or chance ouseyston has its “more than 15 original awarding-winning” games like Double Joker Poker or Chinese Checkers multi player gambles.(tags: Classify online gambling sites by

Betting online is considered to be on the rise as it offers a variety of wagers over goods and services.

Considering the growth of online gambling and betting market, we can understand how difficult it is to define offline businesses by category.

Because of this difficulty, it is common practice to taxonomy sites in different groups just like search engines do with websites.

This type of taxonomy can end up providing some baseline thoughts on the theme or topic that helps people narrow down their choices and make informed decisions.

We know that gambling sites are profitable. But deciding which type or which category is the best can be tricky task. As we are going to introduce here, there is no one-sized-fits-all approach to categorizing online gambling sites by category.

The three main methods:

1. Perform comprehensive analysis on the categories of gambling described in a website’s description pages and/or landing pages such as games and promotions that list what each has to offer

2. Construct an understanding of how specific gambling websites categorize themselves by studying their search engine keywords or found they usually appear in searches

3. Analyze the markets that online sites serve through interest surveys, demographics, and other societal data

What are the Best Online Gambling Sites in the Market?

Some of the top online gambling sites such as William Hill,, and Ladbrokes are popular in the market for its great customer service experiences. Additionally, most of these sites provide sports betting or scratch-off bonuses which are a bonus

There are many online gambling sites that provide different themes ranging from sports betting, casino games, lottery betting and much more. Here, I will talk about the criteria for finding the best-

Gambling is a competitive sport which makes it harder to reach a decision with more. It is important that we differentiate between the good sites and bad sites to avoid imitating losers. This goes along with keeping an eye on new gambling companies that may soon replace old ones.

Before we can find the best online gambling site with enough knowledge and guidance, let’s consider what each general such as website platform, methods of payment, bonuses on offer etc has in store for gamblers.

“To be better at

gambling, you should learn not only about strategy and tactics to increase your chances of winning. You also should study the nature of games, rate their randomness and volatility, consider the psychology of being a gambler, and work on picking a game that is right for you.”


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How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

One of my favorite ways to try to understand a subject is to divide it up into categories. For example, if I want to understand slot machines, I need to understand the different categories of slot machines available. Since this site is about online gambling sites, I thought it might be appropriate to approach the subject of online gambling sites in the same way.

How do writers and webmasters categorize online gambling sites?

Information Portals

The first categorization I think of is the information portal. That’s probably because this site itself is an information portal.

What distinguishes a gambling information portal from other kinds of online gambling sites?

The main thing is that you can’t play gambling games for real money on such a site. The purpose of the site is to offer explanations and information about gambling to the reader.

Some information portals are narrowly focused. You can find dozens of sites that limit their discussions to a single game. You’ll find blackjack sites, slots sites, and video poker sites aplenty.

You’ll also find information portals that offer casino recommendations and reviews.

And some information portals focus on math and strategy.

Some even try to cover every subject you can think of related to gambling. These comprehensive websites can be thought of as being online encyclopedias of gambling information.

The quality of these types of sites can vary dramatically though.

Online Casino Sites

An online casino site is one that offers online versions of casino games that you can play for free or for real money. For purposes of categorization, you can think of casino games as being games offered by the house where the house covers all your action. This distinguishes online casinos from online poker sites, for example.

The most commonly offered games at online casino sites include:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Slot Machines
  • Video Poker

Those are the “big 5”, but dozens if not hundreds of other games are available, too.

Online casino sites can be further categorized by any number of criteria:

  • Software – Most online casinos lease the software running their program from a software provider. One categorization might be all casinos powered by Realtime Gaming or Microgaming, for example.
  • Countries Served – Not all online casinos serve a worldwide audience. Some online casinos specialize in a U.S. audience, while others might cater to a UK or another English-speaking country. Many casinos cater to multiple audiences in multiple countries. One way to categorize casino sites is by whether they serve customers from certain countries. Since the world has at least 200 different countries in it, there are at least 200 categories.
  • Honesty – This one’s less objective. The truth is that not all online casino sites run honest games. And some of the sites that offer honest games don’t offer customer-friendly terms for withdrawals. You’ll find many online gambling information portals which categorize casino sites by their trustworthiness.
  • Currency – Some casinos only accept USD, while others specialize in making their games and special offers available in multiple currencies, like AUD or GBP, etc. This categorization resembles categorizing by country, but it’s more specific. Some casinos might accept players from one country but require you to convert your funds into another currency.
  • Live Dealers – This is almost a subcategorization of software. Some casinos allow you to play table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette via webcam with live dealers. They still use software to power their slot machine and video poker games. Some casinos offer both-table games powered by a random number generator, which look like video games, and table games played via webcam.
  • Bonuses – All modern online casinos offer signup bonuses and ongoing player rewards. The nature of these bonuses is a categorization, too. For example, most casinos offer a matching bonus to first deposit. You deposit $1000, and the casino gives you a $1000 bonus. A smaller set of casinos offer real money bonuses with no deposit required. For example, a casino might give you a free $10 chip to play with in hopes that you’ll like the games and deposit some money. Some casinos offer a certain number of free spins on a slot machine.

You can probably think of other ways to categorize online casinos, too.

Online Poker Sites

An online poker site is a site where you can play poker for free or for real money with other players. Notice that poker is distinct from other casino games because you’re competing with the other players rather than the house. The site makes its money by taking a small percentage of each pot (the “rake”).

Like online casinos, poker sites can be categorized by bonuses available, games available, countries served, and level of trustworthiness. I don’t know of any poker sites with live dealers or webcams, though.

Commonly offered games (which can be used as categories) include:

  • Badugi
  • Draw
  • Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Stud

One observation about online poker sites, too-you won’t find many of them accepting action from U.S. based players any more. The United States government has acted against offshore companies taking poker players from the United States. They’ve been less aggressive tackling online casino sites and other gambling sites, though. This probably relates to the incredible popularity that poker saw over the last decade or so.

Online Sports Betting Sites

These are sites where you can bet on sporting events. In the United States, The Wire Act makes such sites illegal, but some of them still accept action from U.S. players.

Online sports betting sites can be subcategorized in similar ways to online casino sites and online poker sites. But many online sports betting sites offer multiple gambling activities besides just sports betting. Some of them also offer casino games and/or poker games, too, making them a sort of “one-stop-shop” for gamblers.

One way to further categorize sports betting sites is by looking at which sports they allow you to bet on. Most major sports are available to bet on at most major betting sites, but some sites offer bets on entertainment and political news.

Online Bingo Sites

Online bingo sites aren’t as popular as online casinos, poker, or sports betting sites, but they do have a dedicated fan base. Most online bingo players are addicted to the chat functionality. Some online bingo sites also offer slot machines and/or video poker, too.

Skill Game Sites

One of the smaller niches in the gambling site world is that of skill games. These are sites which offer games where the outcome is determined by skill rather than chance. For example, a site offering a trivia tournament with real money on the line would be considered a skill game site. Another example might be a site where you can play online video game version of billiards for money.

Depending on where you live in the United States, such sites might be completely legal or still illegal. One of the factors many states take into account when deciding the legality of a gambling activity is whether it’s a game of chance or a game of skill. But in other states, it’s the money being wagered that makes it a gambling activity.

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

The newest categorization is that of sites where you can play fantasy sports contest with a short time period. Traditionally, fantasy sports are played on a season long basis. But after the poker sites stopped accepting United States players, the people running the poker sites were looking for something new to do. UIGEA, the legislation that made it illegal to transfer funds for online gambling purposes, exempted fantasy sports from its purview. Entrepreneurs realized they could adapt the sit and go poker tournament model to fantasy sports, and it quickly became big business.

Future Categories

What does the future hold for online gambling sites?

It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for certain. The industry isn’t going to stand still.

My best guess is that we’re going to see a rise in virtual reality gambling. Instead of just webcams or animated games, you’ll have virtual reality goggles that simulate walking around in a brick and mortar casino.

Of course, new casino games are launching all the time. Future gambling activities will probably, like fantasy sports, be variations of existing gambling activities. New versions of slot machines and video poker will continue to roll out. We’ll see more house-banked poker games, too.

One other thing is certain, too-online gambling sites aren’t going to disappear anytime soon.


It’s fun to think of the number of ways you can categorize and subcategorize any topic. This site falls squarely into the “information portal” category of online gambling sites, but we include information on our site about websites in all the other subcategories, too.

If you interested open an online casino website, start learn more details with us.

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