How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

Online Gambling Sites can fall into one of 4 main categories- Best Poker Site, Expert Advice, Freeplay and Many more. To get a higher revenue from the online gambling business, remember to again provide it with customized content and great user experience.

“Online gambling is a multibillion dollar industry in the global economy.” – Amanda Licastro

Online gambling portals such as Bovada, and casinos like the Wynn Las Vegas can offer potential customers the chance to win a big payout by partnering with employees. That’s how they bring in new players and earn revenue.

How can you identify if an online casino is legitimate? Here are some leading indicators:

– Legitimate casinos ask for all information before allowing you to register as a new player.

– Look out for reliable customer reviews posted by users, forums or social media posts.

Online gambling has become an increasing service that online sites are promoting to drive up business. They are facing a standing problem of information overload. So they are looking for ways on how they can categorize their award winning website into content based on specific customer segments.

An example of top notch online gambling services like Operators such as Etisalat and LBS Airlines that provides successful content in customer analytics and data science:

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“The B2B sales funnel is about optimizing difficulty levels for the most sophisticated customer segments to conversion rates of 7% or more”.

Introduction: What is Online Gambling?


1.) Introduction to gambling:

2.) Compare and contrast different types of gambling:

3.) Types of online gambling opportunities and major regulations surrounding them

4.) Online betting regulations in Europe:

5.) The legal and regulatory framework for online gaming in the United Kingdom

What is Online Gambling?

use cases of online casinos, online marketing strategies, gambling revenue statistics

Introduction: Online gambling refers to “the internet” or “computer network” in which the playing action takes place. It involves activities such as card games, board games, horse racing or sports betting.

Since its introduction by British mathematician Charles Babbage in 1823, ‘gaming with dice or cards on facedown cards’ and other actions without mechanical/physical results have been lasting resource of entertainment and interactive touchstone for leisure time activities.

This field has experienced significant development over the time when it applied on computers using personal computers firstly before being adapted by fiat payments recently paid by smartphones globally.

It is important to mention that about 70 percent of the world’s population are into pertained video gaming now when playing on their smartphones because different types of online casino does not require an intricate knowledge until it comes to understanding and enjoying various forms of

What is Online Gambling?

Different Types of Games

Different Events Available in the Game

Online Casino and Gambling Industry

Overview: Online gambling is the act or practice of conducting or participating in gambling that takes place primarily in cyberspace. Types of online gambling include online casino games such as poker, blackjack and slot machines, lotteries and sweepstakes, sports betting, bingo, gaming lobbies/virtual worlds (online virtual worlds such as Second Life or World of Warcraft). Events are either fixed prize tournaments with limited paid participants who receive a record-keeping accounting for the total funds invested plus all entries collected by winners. Examples: Oriflamme Prize Tournament

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How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites by Category

Online gambling sites organize their products and marketing/advertising strategies into various categories. These websites are made up of some awesome features that help you choose the best site for your product, lifestyle and budget.

All the major operators offer an extensive range of poker rules, tournament types, betting tools and casino-style games These variables give players the option to find play styles that fit their preferred types of competitions. Players can promote themselves when competing in these games by uploading images, videos or messages onto their personal website.

How do you categorize gaming sites in your opinion?

Why is on-site content a critical factor in choosing a site?

According to

Las Vegas

, the most popular gambling category in the US is Sports Betting which accounted for 3% of all online gambling, while Bingo and casino games each accounted for 2% of online betting. Card gaming holds 1% of total bets seen online; pari-mutuel betting 1%; Horse Racing Racing 2%; Sporting Events 2%.

The definition of gambling is playing an

event with a money stake. The numbers today have increased since the

opening of online Gambling sites. There are many methods that are used to define the type of web category for gambling site such as advertiser financial data, visitors, topics and location.

The most efficient method to categorize website categories is by topic. This will help marketers and advertisers on where the Gambling websites fall.

Other than this, different online methods can serve as the criteria according to advertiser financial data such as total number of banner ad impressions, unique visitors or revenue/ profits generated by an advertising industry tool like Quantcast . Some other types of criteria also include geographic location, geo-location capability provided along with a geo-targeting text snippet string in HTML code snippet on a Gambling site and search engine ranking lists update in URL techniques etc.

## Similarities Between Online Gambling Sites & Scams

What are the Best Online Gambling Sites in the Market?

What are some of the best online gambling sites in the market?

There are various reputable online casino offerings for various types of games. There is no perfect site though, so customers need to carefully review each site’s profile before making a wager on any of them.

There are given below some itimate online casinos that uphold a lot of exemplary game offerings and have also achieved reputations among respected stakeholders around the world in their respective markets:

Vegas Slots Online – One of the leading state-of-the-art gaming destinations based on microgaming games and developed with superb quality, this VIP Only online regulated casino has featured numerous items online game market with its clients getting an excellent design, professional services and few vendors who lead at overmarket value.

Today we will go through the top online gambling sites in the market and try to shed some light on their strengths and weaknesses.

It is difficult to evaluate online sites impartially due to widespread accusations that online betting is highly addictive. While recognizing gambling as a vice, you cannot deny its potential benefits like pure entertainment, loss of out put versus input with real cash or memories of your long-gone vacations all combined into an optional skillful way.

Best Online Gambling Sites in the Market – As technology becomes more advanced, the available options for playing on the internet keep improving. Anyone wanting to play can check out our top sites for best odds and lowest liabilities in the market by comparing these top sites.

Online Gambling – Online gambling as had a vast impact with 10 billion dollars being gambled online every year. The following are some of the best online gambling services with affordable odds and options:

– Betting on horses has expanded to online games like wirecast. This makes horse betting very easy compared to live events (investing). Other successful online games such as blackjack, poker and roulette are still at their peak. These games must be played quickly because they have fast payouts that rely on luck rather than gameplay strategies of skill.

– Sports betting keeps growing its popularity especially when money is transferred from sportsbooks abroad to American lotto websites like offshore sportsbook review’s top 5 reviewed offshore sportsbooks list which

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How to Categorize Online Gambling Sites

One of my favorite ways to try to understand a subject is to divide it up into categories. For example, if I want to understand slot machines, I need to understand the different categories of slot machines available. Since this site is about online gambling sites, I thought it might be appropriate to approach the subject of online gambling sites in the same way.

How do writers and webmasters categorize online gambling sites?

Information Portals

The first categorization I think of is the information portal. That’s probably because this site itself is an information portal.

What distinguishes a gambling information portal from other kinds of online gambling sites?

The main thing is that you can’t play gambling games for real money on such a site. The purpose of the site is to offer explanations and information about gambling to the reader.

Some information portals are narrowly focused. You can find dozens of sites that limit their discussions to a single game. You’ll find blackjack sites, slots sites, and video poker sites aplenty.

You’ll also find information portals that offer casino recommendations and reviews.

And some information portals focus on math and strategy.

Some even try to cover every subject you can think of related to gambling. These comprehensive websites can be thought of as being online encyclopedias of gambling information.

The quality of these types of sites can vary dramatically though.

Online Casino Sites

An online casino site is one that offers online versions of casino games that you can play for free or for real money. For purposes of categorization, you can think of casino games as being games offered by the house where the house covers all your action. This distinguishes online casinos from online poker sites, for example.

The most commonly offered games at online casino sites include:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Slot Machines
  • Video Poker

Those are the “big 5”, but dozens if not hundreds of other games are available, too.

Online casino sites can be further categorized by any number of criteria:

  • Software – Most online casinos lease the software running their program from a software provider. One categorization might be all casinos powered by Realtime Gaming or Microgaming, for example.
  • Countries Served – Not all online casinos serve a worldwide audience. Some online casinos specialize in a U.S. audience, while others might cater to a UK or another English-speaking country. Many casinos cater to multiple audiences in multiple countries. One way to categorize casino sites is by whether they serve customers from certain countries. Since the world has at least 200 different countries in it, there are at least 200 categories.
  • Honesty – This one’s less objective. The truth is that not all online casino sites run honest games. And some of the sites that offer honest games don’t offer customer-friendly terms for withdrawals. You’ll find many online gambling information portals which categorize casino sites by their trustworthiness.
  • Currency – Some casinos only accept USD, while others specialize in making their games and special offers available in multiple currencies, like AUD or GBP, etc. This categorization resembles categorizing by country, but it’s more specific. Some casinos might accept players from one country but require you to convert your funds into another currency.
  • Live Dealers – This is almost a subcategorization of software. Some casinos allow you to play table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette via webcam with live dealers. They still use software to power their slot machine and video poker games. Some casinos offer both-table games powered by a random number generator, which look like video games, and table games played via webcam.
  • Bonuses – All modern online casinos offer signup bonuses and ongoing player rewards. The nature of these bonuses is a categorization, too. For example, most casinos offer a matching bonus to first deposit. You deposit $1000, and the casino gives you a $1000 bonus. A smaller set of casinos offer real money bonuses with no deposit required. For example, a casino might give you a free $10 chip to play with in hopes that you’ll like the games and deposit some money. Some casinos offer a certain number of free spins on a slot machine.

You can probably think of other ways to categorize online casinos, too.

Online Poker Sites

An online poker site is a site where you can play poker for free or for real money with other players. Notice that poker is distinct from other casino games because you’re competing with the other players rather than the house. The site makes its money by taking a small percentage of each pot (the “rake”).

Like online casinos, poker sites can be categorized by bonuses available, games available, countries served, and level of trustworthiness. I don’t know of any poker sites with live dealers or webcams, though.

Commonly offered games (which can be used as categories) include:

  • Badugi
  • Draw
  • Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Stud

One observation about online poker sites, too-you won’t find many of them accepting action from U.S. based players any more. The United States government has acted against offshore companies taking poker players from the United States. They’ve been less aggressive tackling online casino sites and other gambling sites, though. This probably relates to the incredible popularity that poker saw over the last decade or so.

Online Sports Betting Sites

These are sites where you can bet on sporting events. In the United States, The Wire Act makes such sites illegal, but some of them still accept action from U.S. players.

Online sports betting sites can be subcategorized in similar ways to online casino sites and online poker sites. But many online sports betting sites offer multiple gambling activities besides just sports betting. Some of them also offer casino games and/or poker games, too, making them a sort of “one-stop-shop” for gamblers.

One way to further categorize sports betting sites is by looking at which sports they allow you to bet on. Most major sports are available to bet on at most major betting sites, but some sites offer bets on entertainment and political news.

Online Bingo Sites

Online bingo sites aren’t as popular as online casinos, poker, or sports betting sites, but they do have a dedicated fan base. Most online bingo players are addicted to the chat functionality. Some online bingo sites also offer slot machines and/or video poker, too.

Skill Game Sites

One of the smaller niches in the gambling site world is that of skill games. These are sites which offer games where the outcome is determined by skill rather than chance. For example, a site offering a trivia tournament with real money on the line would be considered a skill game site. Another example might be a site where you can play online video game version of billiards for money.

Depending on where you live in the United States, such sites might be completely legal or still illegal. One of the factors many states take into account when deciding the legality of a gambling activity is whether it’s a game of chance or a game of skill. But in other states, it’s the money being wagered that makes it a gambling activity.

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

The newest categorization is that of sites where you can play fantasy sports contest with a short time period. Traditionally, fantasy sports are played on a season long basis. But after the poker sites stopped accepting United States players, the people running the poker sites were looking for something new to do. UIGEA, the legislation that made it illegal to transfer funds for online gambling purposes, exempted fantasy sports from its purview. Entrepreneurs realized they could adapt the sit and go poker tournament model to fantasy sports, and it quickly became big business.

Future Categories

What does the future hold for online gambling sites?

It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for certain. The industry isn’t going to stand still.

My best guess is that we’re going to see a rise in virtual reality gambling. Instead of just webcams or animated games, you’ll have virtual reality goggles that simulate walking around in a brick and mortar casino.

Of course, new casino games are launching all the time. Future gambling activities will probably, like fantasy sports, be variations of existing gambling activities. New versions of slot machines and video poker will continue to roll out. We’ll see more house-banked poker games, too.

One other thing is certain, too-online gambling sites aren’t going to disappear anytime soon.

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